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UX and SEO

Many have suffered because of SEO done poorly. 

Most SEOs tend to forget that UX is critical when it comes to your site’s performance to sell.

Let’s be honest. You don’t care about rankings. You care about ROI.

Rank well for keywords that sell

There is no point in useless traffic.

Match the content for the user journey

It's best if you know what's inside the buyer's head. If you can match it with the content you provide, it's a guaranteed win.

Analyze, track and grow

Every action you take is worthless if you don't monitor the results. If the sales funnel is clogged, your earnings take a hit.


Every website is different. You may have a great-looking site with no organic traffic or a crappy-looking site with decent traffic. Or the combination of the mentioned above. No problem. We evaluate what is lacking.


Once we see what's lacking, we create a strategy for your site. The right one focuses on growing your revenue by publishing content that satisfies User Experience (UX) and search intent.

Creating content

Content creation is key. But we do not care about quantity. It's all about quality. If you want to convert readers to buyers, give them value and proof. By publishing expertly written, fact-checked content with a personal touch, your chances of converting are way higher!


It's not unusual for a new solution to arrive. A new idea. Something that makes the content on your website old, and outdated. We do not want that. That's why we monitor the rankings and interactions while keeping an eye on your competitors.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is basically a process which allows Google to easily crawl and index your site. We do everything to make Google's life easier. Remember, if the search engine has an easy time going through your website, and you are not wasting his precious crawl budget, he will love you for it!

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about backlinks and social signals. Backlinks are links from preferably big and authoritative websites. These are the references for your page. The key is quality over quantity. But be careful! If you are stacking links too fast, or the links you get are too spammy, you can get penalised.

UX and Design

We do not like to overdo it when it comes to design. But the truth is, the awesome content and information you provide have to be presentable. Otherwise, very few will read it.

On-Page SEO

If we evaluated which keyword or phrase we are after, it's time to optimize the page and the content. On-page SEO is all about satisfying search intent. A good on-page strategy relies on your competitors because when you search for the keyword you want to rank for, you can already see what type of content Google wants to see. Our job is easy. We just have to do everything a bit better than the first 3-5 results.

Local SEO

Local SEO is very important for local businesses. When someone is searching for your products or services, there are always Google Business Profiles in the search results. If your profile is set up incorrectly, you might not even show up!

Content marketing

Content marketing done right is the key to growing your website. We create user personas to better understand what the searchers are feeling. This way we can produce content that is to your audience's liking. Of course, we do not forget about On-Page SEO tools, so the content we create doesn't just make sense, it ranks as well.

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